Modern headlights are made from polycarbonate, a strong plastic that it can withstand harsh and varied road conditions. Unfortunately, they can be affected by ultra violet light and other environmental conditions which cause oxidation.

Overtime the lens can / will become cloudy dull and perhaps yellow in appearance. Degrading your cars kerb appeal and reducing the lamps effectiveness significantly and reducing visibility at night.
If left untreated your vehicle could fail the MOT test.

Headlights with oxidation can reduce how far you can see effectively see on unlit roads, motorways etc. Ultimately this could threaten the safety of yourself, your family and other road users.

After refurbishment the effective distance illuminated could double. (these figures are estimates and will be unique due to your vehicle due the extent of the oxidation, height and adjustment of the lens, type of bulbs used etc)

Bear in mind that other factors including weather and road conditions will affect visibility and stopping distances, you should always adapt your speed to the conditions.

We offer a refurbing service to restore your headlights to clarity that will look like new.

Using a five stage process, we remove the oxidation and polish the lens finishing with a UV filter sealent.
The cost is a fraction of replacing the headlight/s a prevent an MOT failure.

Increase night time visibility. Improve your vehicles kerb appeal.